Apart from your flawless lashing skills, to be a successful lash artist, you also need to be a smart lash entrepreneur. Marketing your lash salon, as we all know, is key to getting the word around, and if you haven’t started marketing your business yet, there’s no better time to start than the present.. 

However, having a bad marketing strategy is even more detrimental than a non-existent marketing plan. Because let’s face it, even if you’ve just started your marketing journey or have been in the game for a while, there  may be certain tactics or areas causing your business more harm than anticipated. In this article, we’re taking a deeper look at some of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make for your small business and how you can remedy them for the better.

No marketing goals

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: No Marketing Goals I Prolong Lash USA

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin. If you do not have a goal for your business, you will be scrambling in the dark. A thorough understanding of your target audience, their buying power, needs, and requirements are essential aspects to consider before advertising to them. If you are aware of the demographics of your potential customers, you will yield your desired results. 

The best ways to implement marketing goals are: 

  1. Understanding what your capabilities are and how to implement the resources you have to better your business. 
  2. Attending a small business seminar where the objective is learning how to properly and successfully set up and manage a business plan.
  3. Take a management course online (either through Community College, Business School or University) to help structure your business mindset and understanding of goal setting.
  4. Get in contact with a small business advisor or coach to receive one on one training and advice to better your business goals.

Competitive Intelligence 

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: not knowing your competitors I Prolong Lash USA

With the number of lash businesses sprouting  daily, it is crucial to understand what will make you different. You will fight to gain clients if you are marketing your business as any other lash salon. It is important to know who your direct and indirect competitors are:

  1. Direct competitors are the lash salons operating in your area. It’s important to be informed of who their clients are, what services they provide, what makes them click as a business, and what they lack. This will give you a good understanding of how you need to strategize your business to talk to your clients. You need to find your point of difference. It could be your excellent lash service, valuable advice, honest and friendly behaviour, or unique client experience. 
  2. Indirect competitors are products your clients would buy from a retail store for lash care or general facial care. Selling quality products that can be used both during treatments and purchased as aftercare shows your clients that you’re with them at every stage of their lash journey. As an example, quality products like our Prolong Lash oil-free face products are a great alternative to oil-based skincare that can be detrimental to the health and longevity of your client’s lashes.

Social media strategy

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: No Social Media Strategy I Prolong Lash USA
As a business, your social media pages can be your medium to talk to your audience. If you post content on the fly, you are making a mistake by potentially wasting your time. You must put a plan in place and include it as an essential part of your business strategy. Devote enough time daily to work on the content you would post online, create content pillars, build on that, and schedule your posts ahead. Maintain uniformity in your posts by using similar templates, educate your clients, and post good quality images of your work. Monitoring the engagement, analyzing results, and constantly improving your strategy will continue to boost brand awareness and improve audience reach.

Bad quality photos  

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Bad Quality Photos I Prolong Lash USA

You know all your peers have been posting their lash work on social media, so you jump on and join the bandwagon. But you noticed your social media engagement is nearly non-existent, and your appointment book is not getting filled either. Have you noticed the quality of your photos? Are they aesthetically shot? Would you, as a client, feel desirous to get your lashes done after seeing them? If you answered in the negative, then it’s time to start investing in good-quality, high-resolution photos. 

Book in an extra 10 mins after the lashing session with your client’s permission to take photos in a well-lit area, using a quality camera (if you have the means). Ensure you are happy with the quality of the image before posting them. Another way to improve your image quality is to use a watermark of your brand logo so that if people unaware of your business see the photo, they will know which lash social media account it belongs to. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words, and it would be a missed opportunity if your excellent lashing skills don’t translate well in your photos.

Customer Reviews

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: don't use customer reviews I Prolong Lash USA

Nothing makes you happier than a happy customer. However, if you don’t choose them to be a spokesperson for your excellent lashing skills, you are doing yourself a disservice. To start with, claim your business listings on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, and Bing Places. If you have a happy client, don’t be shy to ask them to leave you a review. Be prompt with your responses. 

Promoting customer reviews on social media or your website is a good idea but don’t be afraid to respond to negative reviews as well. Show yourself as a business that cares about happy and unhappy clients and that you can provide resolutions to problems. Reply to them professionally without sounding defensive for visitors to see that you are an honest and responsible business. Avoid any arguments online and try to resolve any issues offline. 

Non-transparent advertising  

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Non-transparent advertising  I Prolong Lash USA

As a lash artist, your relationships with your clients can make or break your business - it must be based on trust, transparency, and teamwork. To ensure you have a lasting relationship with your existing and potential clients, you need to be transparent with the information you impart. Constantly monitor your website, social media pages, or any other medium you advertise your business, and ensure your information is up-to-date and authentic to what services you provide. During any communication with your client, clarify what you can and cannot do. Don’t claim anything you can’t achieve.  

If there are multiple people on your team, making sure that they are aware of the policies within your lash business is paramount to having a safe and happy workplace, and what can and can’t be disclosed outside of the office environment. Brand documents, like Tone of Voice documents (TOV), social media compliance and use of company name and branding should all be discussed internally to ensure you have a consistent brand image and voice to your clients.

User experience

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Bad User Experience I Prolong Lash USA

In this digital age, having a user-friendly website is important for both you as a lash artist and a customer. If your website is challenging to navigate, lags, and is complicated to get information or book an appointment, you may lose potential clients who may have a frustrating experience. Think of your website as your representative. It should be able to communicate and sell your service the way you would in person. Ensure it is up-to-date and mobile-friendly.    

Understanding the fundamentals of a website and having it function well can feel overwhelming as there are many different aspects to good website health. Make sure to get in contact with professionals who can help you boost site health and the overall performance of your website.

Cross-sell or Upsell

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: don't Cross-selling or Upselling  I Prolong Lash USA

You are on the wrong track if you are not upselling or cross-selling aftercare products to your clients. Ensure you invest in high-quality and effective aftercare products and create an attractive retail corner to provide your clients with the convenience of buying from your salon rather than a store. Having a good range of Prolong Lash aftercare products to retail to your clients after an appointment is the best way to secure repeat purchases, allowing your clients to build trust in you. 

When you educate your clients on lash aftercare and subtly nudge them to buy those products available at your store, you are boosting your profit margin and adding value to the service you are providing. Do not feel reluctant or guilty to upsell them a product because they just spent a lot on their lashes. Think of it as a helpful suggestion to enable them to keep their lashes looking their best and healthier for longer.  

Not focusing on your current clients

Lash Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Not focusing on your current clients I Prolong Lash USA

Often, businesses focus on gaining more clients over sustaining their current ones. As a lash entrepreneur, it’s best to build a database of your clients. No matter if they have used your service once or are peat client, segment them and target each group with a different strategy to promote your services. Offer them loyalty programs, share valuable information on how to look after their lashes, follow up on their next appointment and celebrate them on social media. 

Make sure to continue communicating with your one-time clients by keeping them updated on your services and how they can help them enhance their beauty.  It is often easier and cost-effective to retain the clients you already have through smart marketing and careful attention, than going after new clients.

With greater awareness of what marketing mistakes to avoid while taking the giant leap of marketing, you will be able to close the gap and see growth in your business. Learn more tips for your lash business with our blog from Prolong Lash US. Find out how to officially partner with us so you can kickstart your lash artist career now with the right eyelash extension care products and tools.