Owning and operating an Eyelash Extension Salon, whether working from home or from a retail space, there are some salon must-haves to consider that will set you up for long-term success. In this blog, I'll talk about why investing in the right tools, equipment, supplies, and consumables, including retail ambiance and the right aftercare products, is essential. By carefully selecting your lash salon tools and supplies, and creating a salon atmosphere with décor that gives off a cozy, comfortable, and inviting vibe is a surefire way to attract clients looking to take time out from their daily hustle and enhance their lash line with beautiful eyelash extensions.

The Critical Role of Tweezers for Lash Artists

Lash artists need good tweezers - Prolong Lash

Tweezers are a critical extension to any Lash Artists' hands; we become ambidextrous with our ability to use both our left and right hands simultaneously with precision. Our art is highly detailed, and it takes extraordinary concentration and a relentless focus on the exact placement of every extension we apply to our client's eyes. The highest-quality, lightweight, flexible, and ergonomic tweezers are essential for application and removal.

The difference between tweezers can be dramatic in style, either straight, curved, or boot, and unique and different angles, and it's critically important that you test a variety of tweezer styles and shapes to find the ones that work most effectively and comfortably for you. Your tweezers should enable you to work efficiently through the lash line and enhance your precise placement technique.

Pro tip: if you find a tweezer you LOVE, make sure you buy quite a few pairs, at least two spare pairs. You'll thank us one day when you've dropped your tweezers right before your client arrives!

Selecting the Right Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Lash artists need to select the right Eyelash Extension Adhesive - Prolong Lash

As a Lash Artist, selecting a suitable lash adhesive is one of our most daunting challenges. Beyond showcasing your exceptional talent, your lash adhesive ranks as the second most crucial aspect after your tweezers in your pursuit of excellence.

With so many glues on the market, the challenge of choosing the suitable eyelash glue for your needs requires you to test and consider; the ease of application for your level of experience, durability and bonding power, responsiveness of the drying time, allergy considerations and client sensitivity, viscosity, humidity rating, and shelf life to name a few.

When going through this extensive list of considerations, it's essential to be guided by your research of reputable brands and well-known and reviewed manufacturers of high-quality lash adhesives. Eyelash glues are available in a wide range, so your research is critical in making an informed decision when selecting your perfect must-have eyelash supplier. Understanding how your glue performs requires a testing strategy that can be performed on models or even friendly clients who may want to participate in your trials at a discount price.

Pro Tip: Sometimes your glue will work amazingly for one client but not for another, or it works great in summer but not as well in winter. One glue will never be THE PERFECT glue. It's wise to choose two or more high-performing glues and keep them on hand for those times that call for a quick glue change.

Considerations for Setting Up Your Salon with Lash Supplies

Lash artists need to Set Up their Salon with Lash Supplies - Prolong Lash

Setting up your salon with lash supplies can be an expensive investment. Your menu of services for your lash salon will help guide your stock purchase. The range and style are extensive, including curl either J, B, C, D, CC, or L, thickness and length, single, colored, and premade fans, so you'll need to narrow down the field before finalizing your selection.

This approach ensures that your salon has the most suitable and diverse lash supplies to cater to your client's unique needs and preferences and your service menu. Our blog "How to find the best lash suppliers for your business” has some great tips for supplier research.

Pro Tip: Sometimes it feels like the EASIEST option is to buy from a one-stop shop for your lash supplies, but this is not always the BEST option. Many suppliers will have a niche, a star product, or products they have spent lots of time developing. But they will likely have a few “add-on” products which they also sell. To get the best of the best, it’s a good idea to buy from a variety of suppliers and choose each individual product for its merit.

Other Essential Must-Have Items for Your Lash Salon

Lash salon must-haves: eye pad - Prolong Lash

Other essential must-have items include Eye Pads and Tapes which are stock standard for the industry. Removers come in different forms, including cream and gel, so the preference is personal, but look for a hypoallergenic and non-toxic version of the product while researching. Also, consider adding a lash fan kit to disperse glue fumes on completion.

If we have learned anything from our Covid -19 experience as Lash Artists, it is that an air purifier is an important additional consideration for your lash salon and consulting space. An air purifier helps remove dust, odors, and airborne particles, creating a healthier and safer working environment for the Lash Artists and their clients.

Appropriate lighting is essential for precise application in your consulting area. You will need bright, adjustable lighting to ensure optimal visibility and reduce eye strain. Investing in magnified glasses or similar devices may be worth considering increasing your visibility of the lash line.

And, of course, don’t forget to invest in a lash bed and stool that will protect your back! Ideally, a gas lift stool and a gas lift bed will help you adapt to every client and ensure you are never stooping over and putting stress on your back.

Pro Tip: Seek help from experts. If you have an Osteopath, Chiropractor, or Physiotherapist, it would be worth paying them a consult fee to visit your salon space and ensure your equipment is set up ergonomically. If you are considering magnification for your eyes, see an optometrist who can create a magnified set of spectacles customized to YOUR eyes.

Importance of Lash Aftercare


Choosing the proper aftercare range is not only a salon retail and client essential, but it's critical to the retention and longevity of your client's lashes and your ongoing long-term relationship. Educating your clients on good aftercare practices is vital to help maintain clean and well-groomed extensions, reducing the risk of eye infections and discomfort caused by debris buildup. Selecting an aftercare supplier with a global reputation like Prolong Lash is a convenient, safe, and effective way to set yourself and your clients up for a successful ongoing relationship. Happy clients are more likely to return for future appointments and refer others to your lash services. Your life as a lash artist will be simplified once your clients get the hang of their maintenance routine. Choosing Prolong Lash Cleanser Concentrate enables you to enhance your brand by diluting and relabeling your foaming pumps to complement your salon brand. It's a win, win!

Pro Tip: Prolong Lash Oil Free Eyeliner is an easy retail product to add to your aftercare line. It is 100% safe for use with eyelash extensions, gives a beautiful liquid line, and washes off easily with Prolong Lash Cleanser.

Creating a Welcoming Ambiance for Your Lash Salon

Lash artists need to create a nice Ambiance - Prolong Lash

When creating a welcoming ambiance to make your clients feel relaxed and pampered, you should consider the following elements: Where your brand allows, consider choosing shades of blue and green tones, which are known for their calming effects. Indeed, consider incorporating your salon's colors and logo into the decor elements to showcase your brand.

Soft and warm lighting can enhance relaxation and create a peaceful, welcoming ambiance to your reception area with comfortable, relaxing seating. An uncomfortable lash bed is a critical experience downer, so make sure you choose comfort and ergonomics when going through your selection process. Adding a topper or electric warming blanket to your lash bed can help provide a blissful sleep experience while your clients' lashes are beautified.

Optimize your lash salon ambiance with thoughtfully selected music and aromatherapy to enhance the client experience. Soothing music and subtle aromatherapy can create a calming and tranquil environment. To further enhance comfort and relaxation, consider using dividers or curtains between treatment stations to foster a cozy and private atmosphere in the salon.

If soft and calm don’t suit your brand think of other add-ons that can make your salon the "go-to" lash salon of choice. Optional comforts like drinks and tasty snacks are all part of making your clients feel special. Even keeping a basket of handy bathroom items on hand, like lip balms, spray on deodarent and feminine hygiene items can make your clients feel pampered.

Pro Tip: Consider putting a weighted eye mask over your client's eye area for a few minutes while setting up your lash area. This can give the client's eyes time to relax and settle before you start applying extensions and stop that pesky flickering.

What to think about

Here are some take away from todays blog. Owning and operating an eyelash extension salon requires careful consideration of essential must-haves to ensure long-term success. Investing in the right tools, equipment, supplies, and aftercare products is critical from the start to provide exceptional services to clients and build long-term relationships.

Selecting and testing the right lash adhesive and high-quality tweezers are paramount for precise and efficient application. Thorough research and testing of reputable brands are essential in making informed decisions.

Setting up a lash salon with lash supplies that align with your menu of services is vital to cater to client's unique needs and preferences. Additionally, lash fans or dryers, and an air purifier contribute to a safe and hygienic working environment for the artist and their clients.

Educating clients on proper aftercare practices and selecting the right aftercare range is critical for ensuring lash retention and maintaining the health of their lashes.

A welcoming ambiance with appropriate decor, lighting, and amenities is vital to making clients feel relaxed and pampered during their lash sessions. Comfortable seating and music can enhance the overall experience, while dividers provide privacy for a cozy atmosphere.

By carefully considering and incorporating these must-haves into your salon, you can set yourself up for success, build a loyal client base, and establish your salon as the go-to destination for beautiful eyelash extensions.


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