The lash world is full of many excellent professionals that love to help one another. From glue tips to small business advice, every lash artist knows they can find help and support in the right place. But here is the big question: where is the right place? 

In this article, we’re sharing our tips for getting involved with online community groups, why you should consider joining one and all the benefits of being connected with like-minded and talented lash artists from across the world.

Have you ever felt lost on where to seek help? Yes, you can call your lash BFF or send a DM to a lash artist you admire on Instagram, but let's be honest, sometimes you need more help than that. Well, what if we told you that there is a safe place where you can ask questions, network, and make friends? No, we are not talking about lash conferences. Although they are a great place to find support, we are referring to a place you can access 24/7. We are talking about online communities.

What are online communities?

What are online communities

Online communities are a space for interaction between people with the same interests, and in our case, eyelash extensions! Online communities are a trend attracting more participants as they help people feel part of something. 

Within these groups, users meet other people in the same niche and can give their opinion, ask questions, and share experiences. Thus, online communities contribute to their members' personal and professional development. Online lash groups are also a fantastic way for small businesses to network and make new, long-lasting connections which are vital within the community.

Where to find online lash groups?

While there is a vast range of lash artist community groups out there online, with Facebook groups and pages taking up a large portion, many brands and independent businesses may have their own groups for partners and technicians to gain incredible insight and support.


Why should you join an online lash community group?

So, now you know what online communities are, why would you want to join one? There are a range of benefits and supports available through joining an online community, like forming new friendships, creating outreach for your brand and networking.


  1. Opportunity to know your clients  

Many clients participate in eyelash extension groups. Therefore, they are an excellent opportunity to understand your customers better and thus create decisive actions to attract the consumer. In addition, many lash artists post various situations they have experienced with clients. This helps to understand your audience better and gives you an idea of ​​how to act in each case. After all, you can also go through the same situation as her! 


  1. Analysis of feedback and criticism about competitors 

An online community also allows people to give their input on products and services, making a helpful environment for those who need to monitor the competition. By listening to what the public is saying about other brands in your niche or even about your service, you can find gaps to improve or discover what you need to improve in your lash business. 


  1. Dialogue with potential customers 

The chances of finding potential customers are much higher in an online community. Imagine the following situation: 

A person enters a community to solve a question, and you can help them! The chances of this person creating a relationship with you and trusting your service are high, right? Don't let opportunities like this pass! 


  1. Building authority in the lash world  

If you know how to strategically position yourself, convey a professional image, and demonstrate broad knowledge, online community members will begin to recognize your authority as a lash artist. 

The space encourages interaction between members, so you can give well-informed opinions and come up with easy solutions to people's problems. That way, you show that you can deliver something relevant to them. 


  1. Networking 

Everyone wants to help and build relationships in an online community. It's the perfect space to share tips and doubts with other lash artists. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your knowledge and create genuine relationships with members of the lash community.


How to join an online community? 

Learn how to join an online lash community

You can see how it can be advantageous to participate in an online community, right? But to get the most out of it, you need to know how to position yourself. You must plan and behave accordingly so that people make a good impression and are willing to partner with you. 

Here's what you need to do to succeed when joining an online community group: 


  1. Read all community rules 

Every community needs rules to function well, and in the digital environment, this is no different. Therefore, it is essential to read all the rules of an online community before joining to avoid doing anything inappropriate, which could harm participants and moderators. 


  1. Participate in the debates 

It is not enough just to observe and evaluate what is posted. Participating is essential to be seen and recognized as a respected lash artist. Help members, give your opinion, and share doubts with the community. Build relationships and be seen out there! 


If you've gotten this far and are not convinced to join an online lash community, take the time to reconsider. Give it a chance; you will not regret it.