There is so much more to being a lash artist than lash application. Whether operating from home or juggling a chain of lash salons, there is always so much more to learn but so little time to give. So, if you have been waiting to connect with like-minded lash artists, share thoughts and exchange ideas, or just want to let your hair down while learning about your industry, there is just the perfect place to mix business with pleasure. 
Prolong Lash is proud to be the Diamond Sponsor of the LASHCONference to be held in Pasadena, California, between November 5- 7. Irrespective of where you are, attending LASHCONference should be on your lash bucket list. Don’t bring on FOMO; you have more than one reason to be at this event. So, let’s explore what this event beholds for you to discover. 

 Meet your tribe

Whether you want to connect with other lash artists, make lash friends, learn from others or scout for products to incorporate into your business. Maybe you want to learn new techniques to integrate into your skillset or educate yourself to grow your business? Imagine meeting a guild of lash artists rich with ideas and experience, sharing innovative and practical ideas to apply as a lash artist. Wouldn’t it just open a whole new world for you as a lash entrepreneur? That’s not all! After several events lined up to give artists opportunities to network and connect, there are also parties organized every evening after a long day of conferencing to help you unwind and make friends. Too good to be true? LASHCONference lives by the axiom, “Work hard, party harder.” Many lash attendees in the past have vouched for meeting the best people and building lasting friendships with lash artists. 

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 Business secrets

The role of any conference is to learn and discuss thoughts, share ideas, and kindle motivation. LASHCON is all this and more. This conference brings together a host of inspiring speakers who are not only lash influencers, lash trainers, and owners of lash brands but also best-selling authors and business experts outside the lash industry. They will run workshops and enlighten you about the business, marketing, and customer service side of running a lash business and how to set your goals, scale your business and use social media and other marketing techniques to grow your business. The idea is to offer all lash artists the opportunity to give them the right direction to take their business on an upward scale of growth.  

With so much happening under one roof, don’t fret if you have overlapping events scheduled. Downloading the LASHCON app on your phone will enable you to watch the speakers and events online for 60 days from the time of the event. These sessions will open a whole new world of entrepreneurship for you. 

 Hone your skills

You can upgrade your ticket to gain access to some special events like DayOne and LashLab. DayOne will feature Genein Letford and Reonna Green sharing observational skills and a workshop on trademarking. Lash Lab, on the other hand, will have leading lash trainers teaching about: 


  • Slay The Strip Lash Look by Ali Lilly of Lash Anarchist
  • Lash and Brow Lamination Mastery by Otto Mitter of Elleebana
  • Overcoming the Lash allergy by Tussanee Luebbers of LashCast 
  • Money Making {Pictures by Anna Timonina of Deseyner Pro


A special workshop of 15 assignments will be conducted, teaching the secrets of growing a brand, art of collaborating and working with competitors. This workshop also includes an opportunity to connect and share ideas with the rest of the class. 

And don’t forget to show off your skills!

Calling out to all solo artists, salon owners, potential salon owners and salon managers, do you think you are great at your job? You deserve recognition for your fantastic work. The Lashies Awards acknowledge your hard work and exceptional contribution to your industry. Click here for more details to be nominated for this honour. 

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Know your industry

The lash industry is growing, and while you are busy lashing, keeping up with the ever-changing and ever-growing trends can be an uphill task. LASHCON is the ideal platform for you to connect with your industry. From meeting lash artists from across the globe to meeting influential growth leaders from the lash industry and learning the trends, innovations, and changes, this can be the place for you to grow.

Jodi Harrison, our CEO, will be one of the speakers of the prestigious panelist, who will share precious pearls of wisdom on lash business. This would be an excellent opportunity to meet the Prolong Lash team in person to build a relationship beyond just a business relationship or mentorship but everlasting friendship. There will be 70 booths, including Prolong Lash, to explore various lash brands for you to compare and purchase. Make the most of great deals and discounts on these brands and snap up salon supplies at unbelievable prices, making you huge profit margins. Because opportunity knocks only once, these discounts and deals may be subjected only to this conference. So, come prepared and make wise financial decisions. 

 The goodies and the freebies

Who doesn’t like gifts? At LASHCON, rest assured when you are buying your ticket, you are also getting a generously filled swag bag filled to the brim with lash and beauty supplies worth $500. You heard that right! And get an added swag bag for free if you buy a VIP ticket. 

Five Reasons To Attend The LASHCONference 3 Prolong Lash US

At Prolong Lash, we are beyond thrilled to be friends with Paul and Tussenee of the LASHSCONference and sponsoring an event that celebrates honors and helps the lash community. As a brand, Prolong Lash’s goal is to empower lash artists and help them gain economic freedom. The LASHCONference resonates with our core value of supporting the lash community to grow, and we don’t want you to miss this event. So, let’s learn, network and party together! If these reasons didn’t convince you to book your ticket here today, we don’t know what will!