It's no secret that the beauty industry has experienced a DIY (Do It Yourself) trend, especially after our COVID-19 experiences. And guess what? Eyelash extensions are no exception! While it might seem enticing to save some money and try it at home, I'm here to share some friendly advice on why going to a professional lash artist is the safer option. So, let's dive into the pitfalls of DIY lash extensions, covering everything from safety concerns and application processes to potential risks and the quality of the results. Trust me; you'll want to know this before taking matters into your own hands!


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The Truth About Applying Your Own Lash Extensions

1. Precision and Expertise

The application of eyelash extensions requires a high level of precision and expertise. Lash Artists undergo extensive training to understand the delicate art of applying lashes safely. I would liken the art of lashing to learning to play a musical instrument; it takes dedication and practice that cannot be fast-tracked for Lash Artists to develop and hone their skills over time.

Lash Artists have a wealth of knowledge about different lash types, lengths, curves, and thicknesses. They know how to map and style a client's lashes to suit everyone's unique eye shape and desired look. On the other hand, attempting your own lash extensions without this knowledge and experience can be risky and even lead to an eye injury. Ouch! Plus, uneven application, a clumpy lash line with multiple natural lashes adhered together, or extensions placed too close to the eyelid will be uncomfortable, cause irritation, and potentially damage the natural lashes. So, it's best to leave this delicate art to the experts and enjoy the beautiful results they can create for you! Trust me; your eyes will thank you.

2. The Importance of Material Quality

When doing you own eyelash extensions you need quality materials

You've got to hand it to Professional Lash Artists – they know their stuff. They choose top-quality, carefully selected materials specifically designed for lash extensions.

They test their lashes and glue over time to continually ensure that the extensions adhere correctly, that the glue they use offers ease of application, has suitable durability and bonding power, that the drying time is responsive to the environment they operate in, that allergy considerations are adhered to, and that client sensitivity, viscosity, humidity rating are all front of mind in their testing considerations. They have also tested the client's sensitivity to tape and undereye pads and applied their learning to every client they service.

But here's the thing about a lash novice buying lash products online – it’s hard to know what products are the gold standard, and what products aren't up to scratch. That could mean potential allergies, irritation, extensions shedding too soon, or damage to your natural lashes.

Not to mention, that all professional eyelash extension products are just that…professional products, for professional use. They should only be used by a trained esthetician and never applied to oneself.

3. Eyelash Extensions Customization and Design

One unique and significant advantage of choosing an experienced lash artist is their customization level. They genuinely care about making you look and feel your absolute best.

It's their passion, their art! They take the time and use their experience to assess your eye shape and natural lashes and discuss your desired look before recommending the most suitable lash style, length, and thickness for you. That said, you can imagine the level of expertise and knowledge that is involved in creating an eyelash extension style like cat eyes, volume lashes, etc. If you are doing this on your own, how will you manage that? Tricky, right?

When you trust your lash artist, you're guaranteed to rock those lash extensions in a way that suits you perfectly. Whether you want a super glam and noticeable look or a more natural, subtle enhancement, they've got you covered!

4. Safety First

Safety is always a top priority regarding anything related to your eyes. Lash Artists are trained to work around the delicate eye area without causing harm to your eyes, natural lashes, or skin. They will ensure that the lashes are applied at a safe distance from your lash line and use appropriate techniques to prevent damage. They apply undereye pads, medical grade tape, or both to protect the bottom lashes and the sensitive skin around the eyes during the application. Applying your own lash extensions carries a higher risk of incorrect application, leading to irritation, eye infections, or even long-term damage to your lashes.

5. Training and Expertise involved in applying Eyelash Extensions

Applying Eyelash Extensions require a lot of Training and Expertise

When professionally applied, lash extensions can last several weeks before requiring a touch-up. A lash artist knows how to bond the extensions securely, so they stay in place throughout the lash's natural growth cycle. Every 2-3 weeks, the Lash Artist will review your lash growth during your infill with your eyes safely closed, and they can adjust the lash length and thickness, if necessary, in consultation with you. They are trained to help their clients understand the importance of appropriate and critical lash aftercare that will prolong the life of the eyelash extensions and protect the natural lashes against damage.

Eyelash extensions should be applied with eyes closed; the Lash Artist must have a clear view of each natural lash to ensure that they are not sticking multiple natural lashes to an extension or that the fumes from eyelash extension glue do not enter the eye as doing so will cause irritation and a burning sensation. That being the case, it's becoming apparent that it's physically impossible and possibly dangerous for someone to close their eyes and simultaneously look closely to ensure that they are applying the extensions to a unique single natural lash without getting glue fumes in the eye.

6. DIY Lash Extensions: Time-Saver or Time-Waster?

Contrary to the belief that doing your own lash extensions saves time and money; the reality can differ. Many Lash Artists have experienced DIY-applied eyelash extensions that "went wrong," and they have ended up back in professional hands to have an emergency removal and re-application. Applying lash extensions requires a steady hand, precision, and a closed eye. It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and dangerous for someone with limited or no experience. A lash artist, on the other hand, can efficiently apply the extensions, saving you valuable time and ensuring the best possible outcome in achieving fuller fluttering results.

So, while the appeal of DIY lash extensions may seem tempting, it is essential to consider the potential risks and drawbacks associated with this practice. Opting for a professional lash artist to apply your eyelash extensions offers numerous benefits that are not easily replicated with DYI.

What To Do If You are Determined to Create a DIY set of Extensions

Learn the best way to apply your own lash extensions

If I haven't yet convinced you that a professional set of extensions is the safest route for your eyes, you absolutely can give DIY lashes a try. BUT the safest way to do this is to use a “Purpose-made DIY Solution”.

Nowadays many brands sell DIY lash kits, these usually consist of a set of lashes that are segmented into “mini strips” or sections of lash extensions, and they come with a semi-permanent lash adhesive, a setting agent, a remover and an application tool such as tweezers.

These DIY kits are usually designed to last approximately 3-5 days, and are applied by placing lash adhesive under the lash line, similar to applying mascara, and then the sections of lashes are applied to the lash line, the sealed with the setting agent. You would then need to remove the set yourself at approximately 3-5 days post-application.

Some Pros of using a purpose-made DIY lash kit: 

  • Inexpensive – though this varies from brand to brand
  • Fast to apply
  • No need to visit a beauty salon
  • No need for mascara

Some Cons of using a purpose-made DIY lash kit:

  • No custom design – therefore they may not suit your eyes or the look you want to achieve
  • A steady hand is required
  • The extensions need to be removed every 3-5 days to ensure natural lashes can grow and shed as per their natural cycle
  • If a section of extensions falls off you end up with a noticeable gap in the lash line until you can replace them


If you opt for this option, here is a video that will teach all you need to know about DIY Lashes Aftercare:



One of the most significant advantages of choosing a professional lash artist is their precision and expertise. Their in-depth knowledge of different lash types, lengths, and styles allows them to customize the extensions to suit everyone’s unique eye shape and desired look. On the other hand, attempting to do your own eyelash extensions with professional lash products, without this expertise and experience can increase the risk of uneven application, discomfort, and potential damage to your natural lashes.

While DIY practices may have gained popularity in the beauty industry, when it comes to eyelash extensions, seeking the services of a professional Lash Artist is the safer choice. Their precision, expertise, quality materials, customization, and commitment to safety ensure that you achieve stunning lash results without compromising your eye health or natural lashes. If you are 100% set on a DIY job, make sure you are using a purpose-made, DIY kit. So, next time you consider lash extensions, remember the importance of putting your eyes in the hands of a skilled professional for the best possible outcome.




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