The World's Most Loved Eyelash Extension Aftercare

The Journey

My lash life journey began in 2006 when eyelash extensions were not even “a thing” in Australia.  I had worked in corporate for 25 years and reached that point of burn-out. A business trip to New York resulted in my discovery of eyelash extensions and that was the beginning of my Lashing & Prolong Lash journey.

Like many lash techs I started in the front room of my home in 2006, practicing on anyone that would allow me.  The journey of learning to “Lash” is one that only Lash Tech’s can explain, and I experienced all our common challenges!  

In 2008 I opened my first small salon which marked the birth of Lash Design Studios – the first lash specific salon in Australia at that time. Lash Design grew quickly mainly through referrals. By 2012 we had outgrown our small salon and relocated to an 8-bed salon with a training facility on a well-known fashion strip in Melbourne. Our 15 Lash Tech’s worked on rotation 6 days a week and trained students once a week.   

All Tech’s will relate to that moment when you sit down to prepare your client and find they have clumping and build-up on their lashes. You want to cry and ask yourself “How did they lose so many lashes in 3 weeks?” “How am I going to get this cleaned up and refilled before my next client?”  That pressure is real!

In 2008 there were no cleansers on the market that were suitable for use with eyelash extension.  All cleansers contained either Glycerine, Glycerol, Oil or Nasty carcinogens.  The creation of Prolong Lash Cleanser commenced when I commissioned a company to formulate a cleanser that was safe to use with cyanoacrylate-based glue, would protect and extend the life of our client’s eyelash extensions, and would help eliminate sticking & clumping.

Our Salon clients became enthusiastic volunteers, participating in testing and trials for over 18 months, providing feedback to help us “get the solution right”.  Prolong Lash™ Cleanser was branded, packaged, and officially launched in our salon in 2009. Within months we noticed that our clients started presenting for in-fills at 3 weeks with at least 60% of their extension still on and reduced clumping. Our clients loved the cleanser, and our Lash Techs could now get on with their art of applying lashes without stress.

By 2022 Prolong Lash had Re-seller Partners in over 85 countries around the world!

Prolong Lash™ Cleanser is truly oil-free and effective in protecting the natural lash health and prolonging the life of the extensions.


The Benefits

You are protecting your natural lash growth cycle, while reducing the risk of follicle infection.
You are maintaining more extensions to the 3 week refill, looking better for longer.
Eyelash Technicians have less separating and clean up to do at 3 week refills, leaving them more  time to apply fresh lashes. 

The Responses

"Independent clinics conducted test studies in 2013 on Prolong Lash’s newly intensified cleansing technology. It proved that test subjects presented at 3 week refills with up to 60% of their lash extensions intact. By comparison test-subjects who used oil based removers presented with nil to just 10% of their lash extensions in tact. These studies confirmed Prolong Lash Cleanser had successfully pioneered the care of lash enhancements by extending their duration, eliminating lash clumpage from dissolved lash glue and reducing the amount of time to refill in-salon.” 
— Andrew Christie

“The only TRULY oil free range of Aftercare Products deliver results to our clients by reducing oil exposure which softens eyelash extension glue causing loss and clumping. Our Clients who use the Prolong Lash range and follow the 3 step aftercare program loose less lashes between refills than those that use alternative aftercare products.” 
— LashDesign Studios, South Yarra 

Our Promise

Prolong Lash™ is completely oil free. 

Alternative oil free products often contain glycerine, glycerol and essence. These ingredients have the same softening effect on the bonding agent, as oil. Simply replacing your regular cleanser with Prolong Lash™ Cleanser will reduce the risk of clumping, allowing your natural growth cycle to continue.

Damage to Your Natural Lash Growth Cycle  
Once clumped extensions are removed, your natural lash line may be significantly diminished, because the new lash growth has been inhibited. 
It can take up to 90 days for the lash line to re-establish. Consistent long-term abuse of the eyelash growth cycle may traumatise the hair follicles and increase the risk of rendering follicles inactive. Only 40% of your upper eyelid follicles are active at any one time, as each eyelash follicle produces only 20 hairs in a lifetime. It is a responsible practice to minimise hair follicle trauma if you are to maintain active hair growth.

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"Every successful business starts with small steps" 
                                                                                                  - Kerry Wood
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