The only thought that dominates your client's minds when getting their eyelashes done is that they will walk out with an envious pair of lashes. And they will be only returning for an infill when their eyelashes grow out. This is where you step in as a lash expert and inform them that retaining those great eyelashes is a partnership between you and them to make the experience for both of you worth its time and money. 

Let's face it, you have a business to run, a reputation to live up to, and time is precious, you don’t want to spend it fixing neglected eyelashes. You will have to reiterate, reemphasize, reaffirm, restate and repeat the importance of eyelash aftercare to the point that your clients care for their lashes even in their sleep.

Here are some of the ways you can drill it into your client's consciousness to make eyelash aftercare a part of their mandatory beauty routine if they want to have perfect lashes!

The Right Time

eyelash artist explaining lash aftercare

Between the time the client makes an appointment and the time they are done, you will have to stress the importance of aftercare several times. Begin with creating an email template about eyelash aftercare and send it to them at the time of confirming their booking. This would lay the ground for them to understand what is expected of them after their lashes are done. When they walk in for their appointment, you could give them a lowdown of what would entail during the lashing session and how they would also have to look after their lashes after.

During the session, you could start with small talk and gradually move on to the details of the importance of aftercare. The clients would most likely be most attentive at that time because they are not distracted by anything with their eyes closed (until, of course, if they choose to doze off instead). Retell stories of neglected eyelashes and the effects it may have for the subsequent appointments. At the end of the session, hand them a written aftercare instructions card to refer to when they walk out. It would be good practice to send them an email or SMS reminder to cover for any excuse of a misplaced or lost card.

Educate Them

Lash Extension Aftercare

Sometimes clients can be like children; they don't listen to you because you ask them to, they are unaware of the consequences or just lazy. There is a sea of information regarding eyelash aftercare which may be pure hearsay that your client may believe. It is essential to educate them on the importance of lash aftercare and the myths and misinformation. Before you do that, it is equally vital that you understand the science behind keeping them clean. Telling them about what dirty lashes can do to their pricy extensions and their natural lashes and eyes may shock them and make them serious about looking after them. Educating and making your clients care about their lashes is an excellent way to making them trust your advice, respect your effort and value their extensions more. 


The Lash Aftercare List

  • Washing your lashes immediately: There are a fair number of lash artists who advise their clients to keep away from getting their eyelashes wet for 24-48 hours. The lash industry has come a long way, and it is a fact that you can wash your lashes within 24 hours if the adhesive is dried. The key ingredient used in lash adhesives is cyanoacrylate which cures depending on the humidity levels in the air. Therefore, the drying time of your glue depends mainly on your room temperature; the warmer the temperature, the quicker it will cure, which means your client can wash their lashes immediately. To ensure the glue is dry, use the portable eyelash fan as the last step before washing their lashes. Quite contrary to belief, washing eyelashes thoroughly and immediately reduces the chance of any reaction. 


  • Extreme heat: By extreme heat, we don't mean hairdryers; we mean eyelashes coming in very close contact to open flames, outdoor heaters, hot ovens, cigarette lighters, and their likes. So, if you are a chef, smoker, or dining out on a chilly winter night outdoors, stay away from those heatwaves emanating things.


  • Wash 'em good: If you are not washing your lashes, you are most likely not only reducing the life of your extensions but also increasing the chances of infecting your eye area. So, wash them as often as you can with Prolong Lash Cleanser. It is formulated specially to gently cleanse your lashes keeping your extensions intact. 


  • Leave the oil for cooking: What poison is to food, oil is to extensions. Oil and oil-based products work as a deterrent that breaks the glue's bond and eventually detaches from the natural lash and falls off. We tend to sweat more often in summers, which can trickle down to our eyelashes and affect our extensions. Most products in the market that claim to be oil-free aren't true to their word, and therefore you must recommend your clients the right oil-free product. Prolong lash is constantly endeavouring to introduce oil-free products and created to meet the needs of your extensions. Keep an eye out for some of our exclusive products this Black Friday.


  • Be cautious: Unlike standard advice, we think if you want to go for a swim, you can go ahead and take your dip. While the negative effects of chlorine in water on extensions are not confirmed, oil in the sunscreen may have adverse effects, so ensure you wash them thoroughly. Similarly, if you sleep on your stomach, invest in a satin or silk pillow to avoid your lashes getting yanked. Although in a totalitarian world, we would recommend you to sleep on your back or side. 


  • Avoid: Lash lifts and lash curlers are eyelash extensions’ nemesis. They tend to misshapen your beautifully done lashes and leave it looking hook.


Book your appointment

Book your lash appointment

Remind your clients that, like everything else, their lashes are not forever, and therefore to maintain them, they need to return for their infill. 

Outlining the guidelines and the whys of maintaining good lash hygiene will not only help your clients take better care of their lashes but also establish your reputation as a specialist and a business that cares.