We can officially say adios to 2021. Most of us are more than happy that it is finally over, that's for sure. With the onset of the new year, there are many things we look forward to. As a lash artist, you most certainly want to know what will trend in the lash world.

Looking at the way lash extensions are trailblazing a golden path, ATM, you can tell it is far from being 'just a fad.' Voted as one of the top beauty trends in 2021, we can be sure that 2022 won't be any different. We have compiled a few eyelash trends for 2022 that you may want to share with your client's. Let's go!


Who doesn't like long and luscious-looking lashes? You may have clients who want to keep their lashes as realistic as possible by going for a classic look but let them know that voluminous lashes are a thing this year. From the runways to celebrity spotting, everyone seems to be loving their eyes doing all the talking. The longer and denser, the better. It may take a bit of planning to map and decide which shape, thickness, and length you will be using to create that unique client look, but the result would be all worth it. These long lashes accentuate the eyes and make them look more prominent and glamourous, with or without makeup.

Coloured Eyelash Extensions

colorful eyelashes


Adding some colour to your life or to your lashes hurts no one. Colourful lashes are trending on the runway and TikTok, which means it's official that the trend is for real. You may have limited takers for this trend; however, you may show them a few options on how they can rock it. Choosing bold colours like rainbow hues or bright hues may be too much for day-to-day, but great for festivals or events. Nudging your clients to choose colours to complement their eye colour can be a great way to try this trend. You can even mix it up a bit by selecting the standard black lashes with a hint of a few colourful ones at the end or going ombre. Darker hues of blues, greens, browns, reds, or purples can work for everyday workwear as well. Play with a hint of colour or go colour crazy!

Sparkles and shine

Sparkle lashes

Go bold or go home. Embellished eyelashes are all the rage. The runways are awash with models making their sparkly eyes be the talk of the town. Again, this trend is more trendy than practical. Maybe if your client is going to a party or an exceptional event (the Met Gala, perhaps!), you can encourage them to add some zing to their lashes.

Premade and Promade fans

Premade and promade fans

In times past, premade fans were absolute taboo in the lash industry, but like many things, they have come leaps and bounds since they first graced us. If you can find some of real quality, you save precious time and increase your client turnover and bookings. What's more, you don't need the extra bit of training in doing Russian volumes, and you can achieve a symmetrical set of lashes. Doing them will also allow you to earn more revenue than you would from a classic set.  Now that's a win-win trend. 

Having discussed all these styles, trends, or no trends, you know that lash extensions are here to stay. So, enjoy these variations to your lash applications to give you a break from your regular work. Have fun with these trends while they last.