As we make way for the balmy weather and celebrate the presence of the glorious sun back in our lives again, it is also time to realign our beauty routine so that it doesn’t get in the way of  enjoying the summers and managing our lashes. Imagine having to worry about your lashes when you could be relaxing on a beach or chilling with your mojito in the pool. Let’s look at some summer tips you can use to keep your lashes looking fresh and hot all summer long.

1. Bodies of water 

girl swimming with eyelash extensions I Prolong Lash

What are summers without dipping yourself in the warm and calming waters? Warning you to avoid the beach or the pool would be bad advice. The next best thing to do to retain your lashes would be to wash them regularly. Since sunscreen is imperative, choosing a water-based one and applying it as far away as you can from your lashes would be a wise choice. 

If you sweat excessively or have just taken a dip in the pool, ensure that you wash your lashes immediately. Our Prolong Lash cleansing foaming pumps are specially formulated to cleanse your lash extensions. It’s easy to use, gentle on the skin, and vegan-friendly. Use a soft cloth to pat dry your face, and ensure that it doesn’t snag your lashes. While the chlorine in pools and salt in the sea are causes to weaken your lash glue bond, cleaning them as regularly as possible will increase their retention.  

2. Summer workouts

girl working out using eyelash extensions

Summers mean staying outdoors most of the time, including feeling inspired to hit the gym more often or going for a run or bushwalk. This may be a routine all year through, but it may get a bit too sweaty in the summers for your liking. With lashes on, and the heat and humidity levels dialed up several notches, chances are you are perspiring more than ever. 

Wear a sweatband or a hat to prevent sweat from dripping down your lashes and keep a soft cloth to wipe down a sweaty face to avoid salt and natural oils from building up. Prolong Lash’s makeup cloth is designed to dry your lashes with utmost care. Make sure that, as soon as you can, you give your lashes a good wash after you’ve completed your summer workout.

3. Summer parties 

It's important to take care of your extensions during summer parties I Prolong Lash

Barbecues are fun and a great way to catch up with family and friends. When hosting a barbecue or a bonfire party, steer away from getting too close to any heated or ‘fire-spewing’ devices. Extreme heat can weaken the glue as well as singe or curl your lashes. Wearing a pair of sunglasses when outside can add a layer of protection. If you’re attending other events, like a pool party or just catching up with friends, it’s imperative to wear oil-free makeup around your eye area, like our oil-free eyeliner, that ensures your lash lines stay clear of any unnecessary oils.

4. Hydrated eye area

Prolong lash Eye Serum can help you to keep your skin hydrated

The eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of our face. It has fewer oil glands, and the skin around the eye is less flexible, lacks moisture, and breaks down quickly. In summer, more prolonged exposure to the sun, may advance the process of aging. Prolong Lash’s oil-free eye serum is the world’s first eye serum formulated especially for lash extensions. The hyaluronic acid in the serum helps the eye area stay supple and moisturized. When it gets really hot during the summer, ditch the makeup, flaunting your beautiful lashes and nourished-looking skin instead and go the ‘au naturale’ way.  

5. Seasonal lash shedding 

Lash Shedding can happen during summer time I prolong lash

If you are washing your lashes religiously and looking after them by the rules of the book, do not panic if you are still noticing a continuous shedding of lashes. It’s a natural process, and as  our body prepares for the warmer weather, you will likely see that your eyelash retention rate may go down by a couple of days. What can you do? Unfortunately, going against the natural process of lash shedding is never the solution. If you keep them clean it will help from any dirt buildup, until the next season you will have to wait it out.   

6. Lash extension refills 

Lash extension refills are important during summer I prolong lash

It is better to mentally prepare your clients that summers scream for more refill appointments than the rest of the year. It can be a bit of a bummer with lash shedding and the humid weather, but hey! Tell them it’s more important to have beautiful lashes than to take off on a trip without them.   

Summers are fun, and long and beautiful lashes make them worth it to flaunt. Just follow these tips, and you know you have nothing to worry about. Discover more helpful hints and tips from the Prolong Lash blog and learn how to partner with us for your small business now.